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CeCafe is 100% Honduran coffee. It is handpicked for our customers by local farmers in order to bring the richest and most robust flavors from fields to your cup.

Our focus is on gourmet lower-acid content. Unlike most major brands, our focus is on the health benefits offered in every cup, in particular the lower acidity. What that means to our customers is amazing gourmet flavor without sacrificing the taste.

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Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

Awaken your senses with CeCafe Honduran Coffee.  With each purchase you make, a portion is allocated to NGO's which support families and teach children in Honduras about recycling and sustaining the environment or to further environmental causes within the country.

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Honduran Coffee Plantation Tour

When researching various Honduran coffee plantation tours you will likely notice how the rapid growth in coffee production has also benefited the Honduran tourism industry.


In fact we take great pride in sharing their knowledge of coffee. Honduran coffee is generally described as “brightly acidic” and “full-bodied” and tourists get to enjoy firsthand the tasting and sampling of the finest of coffees available in Central America.


Government regulations restrict coffee production to only Arabica coffees (Arabica coffee beans are superior, are a better quality and taste better than lower grown Robusta beans) and many of these Arabica coffee producers now offer coffee plantation tours.

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